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Over the years we as action factory have done some pretty incredible things. Including becoming the No#1 NLP Academy in South Africa and now we have something new - body coaching - and its our best work to date. 
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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the things that i get for free?
Among other things what you get is a website and a business card. The full list is mentioned and given to you at the end of the body coach program. If you want to have a look at the website that you get then please use the search function above to look for a profile. 
Are there any extras that i need to pay for the course?
What qualifications do you have to teach me?
Do i have to pay a share of my profits to you.
Will You market me?
How much does it cost?
Do i need any prior qualifications?

Proven Concept

The body coach program is a proven combination of concepts. The program is able to give you a healthier lifestyle without exercise - simply mental moderation. 

As part of mandatory criteria, all the body coaches that you find in this directory have followed the official body coach program. Through tests, we maintain the stringent quality level whilst making sure that our students have the complete flexibility to learn at their own pace - making sure that they really know what they are talking about. The body coach program itself is an ICR Accredited program and the coaches that are trained through it are ICR accredited as well. International Coach Register (ICR) Register is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited organisation - an accreditation that is recognized by over 160 countries worldwide thus guaranteeing the international recognition of the body coach program. 

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Powered by udemy so u can study at home without any boundries or limitations

Because we use the Udemy system, whenever you buy a course you can access and study any course you purchase at any time. So you can study without any limitations.

We act according to the Udemy refund policy.  
Wide scope so that the course gets widespread popularity. 
Entirely exclusive to the Action Factory Brand. 
Study what you want when you want it, at your own pace. 
Get Certified by Deon Groenewald himself including a certificate. 
With hours of video content, the course feels personal and home taught. 
Join a community of body coaches. 
The Body Coach program offers you discounts that help you start your practice. 
Get a free introductory trial so that you can see what the program is in a nutshell. 
Resource un-intensive, you need nothing else other than a laptop and an internet connection. 
Ask questions at any time and get targeted responses from real people. 
Multiple courses make Action Factory very much a brand rather than just one course. 
One of the first courses on Udemy to have multiple international accreditations. 
The course incorporates various topics that build on one another so the more you learn the more succesfull you are. 
 A lot of people want to be fit and that gives you a large target audience. 
You can see what people say about the course in real time. 

Become a body coach for only $250

Start an exciting new phase in your life - learn a new skill, start a new career and help people. Our body coach program can make your dreams come true